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Ain't Misbehavin'

MARCH 18, 2009

The Ahmanson Theatre in downtown LA is staging a revival of the Fats Waller musical revue ‘Ain’t Misbehavin.’  Theater posters can be a nightmare because there are so many cooks in the kitchen, everyone involved in the production gets to voice an opinion, Also, there are many different formats that the art has to be used in and sometimes the poster gets compromised and doesn’t really work well in any of the applications.

This one went very smoothly thanks to Center Theatre Group’s gracious art director Charity Capili. I let her know that I’d be happy to design separate pieces to fit the important applications, and we worked together on light pole banners, program covers and a large 19-foot banner for the Music Center plaza. She does owe me a drink at the bar.

light pole banners
Plaza banner
Title treatment
Background art for misc usages

Of course, Fats Waller was a legendary songwriter, stride piano player and character of the Harlem Renaissance. I borrowed heavily from another cat who spent a lot of his time in Harlem, the great Miguel Covarrubias.

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