Name That Movie 7
posted: March 25, 2010
Six drawings per movie, in sequence, no movie stars
Stephen Kroninger March 25, 2010
These are fantastic. One of my favorite features on Drawger. Paul, while watching films I've caught myself wondering which images you'd select from them for this series. I got 'em all but number five. I'm going to behave and give others a chance to identify the films this time.
Carl Wiens March 25, 2010
Great selection! First time I know all of them. I'm with Stephen - always a treat to see these. Thanks, Paul!
John Tomac March 25, 2010
I like this game and these drawings as much as Andy Dufrense likes taking walks around the prison yard.
john cuneo March 25, 2010
Really like these drawings. So many great choices here about what what to include and what to edit out.
Steve Wacksman March 25, 2010
Paul, PLEASE tell me you plan to compile these, publish them in book form and make a billion dollars. Because I'm in for one for me and one as a gift for every one of my friends and family. These are, as SK sez, one of the best things to ever happen to Drawger. OK- here I go: The B___s, ?, Man______, Ps___o, S______nk _ed______n, ?
Steve Wacksman March 26, 2010
I just looked at these again and it clicked: the last one is S_______ _ig___ ___er! And Kroninger told me what the second one is. I'm ashamed to admit I've never seen it in it's entirety.
felix s March 26, 2010
you outta pitch something like this to the Times Op Ed page. great stuff.
Mark Ulriksen March 26, 2010
Paul, these are so fun. My wife Leslie and I just scrolled through and could get everyone, save for the last. That's a tough one. It makes me want to catch up on some movies. But first I'll have to wait until I finish watching all of The Wire. Finally watching it on DVD and we're totally addicted.
Jesús March 27, 2010
Lord Chronos April 4, 2010
You know life is good when "Jesus" thinks your work is lovely
Jeff April 8, 2010
Got all of this bunch just scrolling through, but it was beginner's luck, no doubt. Phenomenal treatment and selections. The Sturges film (below) is one I've wanted to see for years.
Mike May 30, 2010
Is #2 Dr. Strangelove?
Justin June 7, 2010
No movie stars? Isn't that Meryl Streep? 626 564 8728