posted: April 7, 2010

I’m looking forward to Sunday’s premeire of “Treme,”the new series on HBO from David Simon and a  cast that includes John Goodman and the great Wendell Pierce.

We’re in good hands with Simon, the guy behind “The Wire” and “Homicide: Life on the Street.” The show takes place a few months after Katrina when the city of New Orleans was being actively ignored by the federal government. Things haven’t improved much on that front, but the soul of the Crescent City isn’t going to disappear.

I spent some time in New Orleans after Katrina, and made some sketches that I’ve shown here before, here’s a few more.

Kyle T Webster April 7, 2010
As always, beautiful line work and effortless design.
Leo Espinosa April 7, 2010
These simple drawings have the amazing power to take me there. I can feel the heat inside the blue plastic tarp. Amazing, Paul!
Shout April 7, 2010
great works Paul
Dale Stephanos April 7, 2010
Beautiful work Paul. I'm looking forward to the show too.
Christoph Hitz April 7, 2010
Fantastic work...
Douglas Fraser April 7, 2010
I'm inspired just looking at these. Thanks.
John Dykes April 7, 2010
Cool stuff...
felix s April 8, 2010
josh cochran eat your heart out! nice stuff paul, as per usual
Robert Saunders April 8, 2010
Great feel to these, you really got it.
Jim Paillot April 8, 2010
Really nice drawing on these. I am always inspired by your color.
josh cochran April 9, 2010
paul I love these drawings so much. I recently read the article on the show in the NYTimes Magazine. I think it's going to be good.
Paul Rogers April 9, 2010
Thanks for the kind words everyone. Josh, you know Felix's comment was said with love.
josh April 10, 2010
i hate you felix
Miriam I. Allen April 16, 2010
I'm glad to have had the pleasure of seeing the high quality prints, even happier to find them posted online! Beautiful, subtle & yet powerful... I'm inspired! Thanks for the hidden, private sketchbook lesson! 626 564 8728