West Hollywood Posters
posted: June 17, 2010

The City of West Hollywood is celebrating their 25th year of cityhood and my friend Rikki Poulos called for a poster to commemorate the event.  The problem was to create an image that would communicate the city’s diversity and core ideals. I laid these four ideas on them and Helen Goss, the City’s Director of Public Information, decided to print them all.

David Flaherty June 17, 2010
I like the split fountain one and the angled type ones best.
Kyle T Webster June 17, 2010
I especially like the last two, Paul. Great design exercise, here! And what a cool client - seems like they trusted you to deliver the goods and they were pretty hands off. Very nice that they printed all four, too.
Douglas Fraser June 17, 2010
They all conjure up a feeling or thoughts. That first one has me in an old junk store looking for treasure. You're appreciation of type, and design is broad, and diverse.
Patrick Hruby June 29, 2010
They look great Paul. I've been seeing them around. 626 564 8728