Saturday Evening Post
posted: July 28, 2010

There are still some magazines out here using illustrators for covers. The Saturday Evening Post called for an image to accompany an optimistic article about the American Economic Recovery. They had the idea of an updated Rosie-the-Riveter-style worker with a big “Made In America” rubber stamp. Even when a client has a clear idea of what they want, I’ll try sending over some other concepts too, to look at some other options and maybe move the idea forward. The silhouetted figure filled with industrial scenes was too focused on building, and the Jean Carlu glove idea didn’t fit the article or the Post’s brand as well as the smiling Rosie with a row of workers marching forward. So, my main task was to re-create a classic WPA poster style, sometimes style and concept are the same thing.
I didn’t know the issue was on the stands until my mom called to tell me a friend of hers bought a copy at the grocery store and spotted my name. For a minute there, I felt just like Norman Rockwell.

Alex Nabaum July 28, 2010
Nice job Norman! I love your balance between solids and graphic shapes.
Douglas Fraser July 28, 2010
Right man for the assignment. The center sketch looks like a classic as well. You've always been so strong with the crafting of your illustrations.
Victor Juhasz July 28, 2010
Beautiful, Paul Classic.
Jim Paillot July 28, 2010
Really nice cover, Paul.
Richard Downs July 29, 2010
Nice piece, Paul. I really like how you edited the facial information.God, I sound like a robot.
Owen Freeman July 29, 2010
Really nice work Paul, glad such a venerable showcase was smart enough to put you up there alongside the greats.
Felix Sockwell July 29, 2010
what a beaut. i noticed the production "glove/ wrench" from your studio!
Hanoch Piven July 29, 2010
Strong cover Paul! So they also went with the old style logo right? (im out of the loop on current logos, sorry) Funny thing is that the lady could be seen as Oriental, giving it a whole new twist.
Matt Curtius July 29, 2010
So classic looking. I really love this. I should probably be embarrassed by this, but until your post I wasn't aware the Post was still in print. btw, I live a few blocks from it's original home in the Curtis Publishing Building.
Kyle T Webster July 29, 2010
A perfect cover, Paul. Thanks for MCing at ICON - you and Brian were great!
Robert Saunders July 30, 2010
You've got just the right period flavor, Paul, nice job!
Stephen Kroninger July 30, 2010
You are the right man for the job!
Patrick Hruby July 31, 2010
This is so great Paul. It's exactly how you would imagine it to be.
FUNDOPE July 31, 2010
Why is she wearing a mask? I like it but it's weird.
Sully September 8, 2010
It's a great illustration, but it's a shame that the cover itself was laid out with such modern fonts and treatments. i'll assume that was out of your hands... 626 564 8728