Name That Movie 10
posted: September 19, 2010
Six drawings per movie, in sequence, no movie stars.

Wacksman September 19, 2010
I say it every time,but here I go again- I simply LOVE these puzzles.Great fun and beautiful drawings to boot. This was the hardest batch yet! A)Don't Know B)Diner C)Do the Right Thing D)Don't Know E)To Kill A Mockingbird (Ham costume!) F)Don't Know. 50%! Is it possible I don't watch enough TV??
Brian Taylor Illustration September 20, 2010
'Do the Right Thing' was in there....
Kyle T Webster September 20, 2010
Embarrassed to say that I can't name any of these movies. But, I love the drawings, Paul.
Douglas Fraser September 20, 2010
A. Three Days of the Condor - still one of my favs. B. Diner - Great soundtrack. C. Do the Right Thing - brings back memories of Brooklyn for me. D. ? E. To Kill a Mocking Bird - the ham costume again. Mr.Peck's defining role. F. ?
Matthew Hollister September 20, 2010
These are my favorite blog posts on the internet. Do the right thing! Definitely makes me miss Brooklyn.
E September 22, 2010
The last one is "Young Man With a Horn" with Kirk Douglas, Lauren Bacall and Doris Day.
MILOS September 24, 2010
Number 4 is "Philadelphia story" 626 564 8728