Sunday's NYT Book Review
posted: November 1, 2010

Cathy Gilmore-Barnes at The New York Times called for a portrait of Stephen Sondheim to accompany a review of Sondheim’s new book of annotated lyrics. The review was written by another great songwriter, Paul Simon. My job was to not screw it up.
I sent three sketches, a Times Square background, a backstage background, and the ol' 'letters in the head' trick....

Stephen Kroninger November 1, 2010
right job for the right man. i gotta get that book.
Joe Ciardiello November 1, 2010
Nice one Paul.
Yuko Shimizu November 1, 2010
I saw it! It was beautiful!! I also like the other idea with typeface making the head. That one is really beuatiful too.
Yuko Shimizu November 1, 2010
PS: do you need a copy? I actually subscribe to NYT on the weekend, and this weekend, two copies of bookreview came. If you like I can send both of them to you. You live out in LA correct?
Suzanne Lacrosse November 1, 2010
He's not THAT cross-eyed.
Alan Witschonke November 1, 2010
Great solutions all.
Victor Juhasz November 1, 2010
This image immediately struck me when I saw it. Good drawing.
Felix Sockwell November 1, 2010
unmistakably Rogers. swell piece, paul. was admiring the brushwork/ dead-on likeness saturday as my kids added lipstick and earrings to it. sorry!
Tim OBrien November 2, 2010
Congrats Paul. Very powerful
Arturo G. Fallico, IV November 2, 2010
Nice original graphic work Paul! GOOD compostion,balance and color scheme skills! GREAT success to ya!
Douglas Fraser November 3, 2010
It's got something going on that's different from your other pieces I've seen. I'd say a little grittier than usual. Less the idealized beauty I suppose. It's working in a different way, Congrats.
Ross MacDonald November 3, 2010
Great piece - jumped off the page at me last weekend
Robert Saunders November 3, 2010
I like the one they chose, Paul... simple and straightforward. Excellent drawing.
Calef Brown November 3, 2010
Wow, really nice. When i saw the thumbnail on the home page ( without my glasses on ) I thought it was Bukowski. Ever do a portrait of Chuck?
Marc November 3, 2010
Great portrait, Paul.
Patrick Hruby November 7, 2010
Perfect! I love seeing your stuff in the Times. 626 564 8728