Mad Men Opening Credits Re-Design
posted: April 8, 2011

I’ve been thinking about adding some motion pieces to my portfolio and here’s the first one, a re-design of the opening credits for Mad Men.  I enjoy the show, but the titles have bugged me from the start. It seems to me that they missed an opportunity for a good update of classic film and television titles from the early 1960s.

It's still pretty rough, there's a typo, and the timing isn't really worked out yet, but here's the link
Noah Woods April 9, 2011
Oh. My. Goodness. THAT is AMAZINGGGGGGGGGG! Wow, wow and wow.
robert neubecker April 9, 2011
Gr8. people are asking for these shorts for the web more and more.
Marc April 9, 2011
Wow is right. Love it, Paul.
David Flaherty April 9, 2011
That's fun Paul! Can't wait to see it on the TV.
Dave Wittekind April 9, 2011
WOW! I love vintage opening credit sequences and this would be perfect for the show! You should submit it to
Nick Wright April 9, 2011
Paul great stuff. Love the look. Interestingly enough literally just looked at a book in the film section at borders yesterday that what a complete graphic novel of Mad Men, you should check it out... Dong remember the publisher.
Nick April 9, 2011
Sorry wrote from phone! What = was Dong = don't. Sorry Paul!! Awesome work again!!
Katherine Streeter April 10, 2011
this is amazing !!!!!!!
Christopher Marion Thomas April 10, 2011
nice flow Paul! very cool and retro.
Jeffrey Smith April 11, 2011
How do you do it?
Leo Espinosa April 11, 2011
very cool, Paul! You might find this site interesting:
Ellen Weinstein April 11, 2011
Perfect! These feel instantly classic.
Robert Saunders April 11, 2011
Great nostalgic feel Paul. Has the same fun of those Mirisch Company hits, Pink Panther and A Shot in the Dark. Love the choice of One Mint Julep, reminiscent of Mancini's 60s-style scores.
Paul Rogers April 12, 2011
Thanks for all the kind words.Just to be clear, this was a personal project I did just to make a sample for my portfolio and maybe shake loose some motion assignments. There's no chance this will ever get used on the show, the original titles they have now have become a solid identity, I just never liked the overall vibe. I recognize the Hitchcock/Saul Bass references, but the execution seems decidedly digital in a way that doesn't fit the period. Plus the use of Brush Script and something like Zapf Chancery in the ads on the skyscrapers shows a lack of sensitivity into the typography of the period. And Sock, I never really liked the "Catch Me If You Can" titles much either, there's a lot of good things happening, but all those ascenders, and descenders bug me, the characters are not drawn very well, and they seem to glide instead of walk.
sock April 12, 2011
fine. fine. descenders don't ascend well. they glide at times, which is kinda weird. all true. i don't care too much for the look/ feel of the current graphics but i will say the right note was struck with the general concept of a perilous, falling man then kicked by a woman's foot from an ad board. like the music, and the show- its seductive.
Weef April 14, 2011
Bl**dy brilliant! The titles they used actually put me off the show because they are so wrong for the period. Have these people never looked at Saul Bass?
Douglas Fraser April 14, 2011
Paul, congratulations on getting on the animated side of things. With your love of film plus your design skills, your repertoire just gets bigger.
Ward July 5, 2011
Hey Paul, this is GREAT. I love it. I've been feeling the same way about the MM intro - it's never felt like the era that it's evoking, but for some reason I'm compelled by it. I also dig the music (I'm a fan of RJD2). Anyway, love what you've done here! I checked the YouTube video, but the audio has been yanked because of copyright infringement. What audio did you use? The same as the original opening?
Paul Rogers July 5, 2011
Thanks, Ward. Yeah, YouTube yanked the audio for copyright reasons, it was Ray Charles playing One Mint Julep. There's a lot of other choices that could work well too, I may try re-loading it with something else to see what happens.
Ward July 6, 2011
Thanks for getting back to me about this, Paul! You know, I think there's a way to be able to use the song by signing up on YouTube to allow people to download & buy the song on iTunes. Not sure what it's called but I've seen other users on there who have that option for videos that feature copyrighted songs, etc. By the way, the characters for the Catch Me If You Can title sequence were actually stamps that the artist/designers created - a stamp for a head, one for the torso, legs, arms, etc. They "animated" the characters by moving these stamps slightly for each piece of paper that was needed to scan for each frame. Quirky, but I liked it.
a guy July 27, 2011
a very nice video and a great retro look ... but I don't think it matches up to the intent of the Madmen story - this is a happy smiley intro whereas the show explores Don's total disgust at the world he lives in. 626 564 8728