Obama Poster Contest
posted: October 31, 2011

The Obama campaign has decided to run a poster contest. Some artists see this as a high form of irony, considering the posters are intended to promote jobs in America. Some artists see it as a volunteer opportunity to give something to a cause they believe in.
I don't like contests or spec work for artists; especially contests like this that require the artist to give up the copyright to the image by submitting the work.
How about giving the poster assignment to twenty great artists and offering them a fair fee for their work? Create twenty freelance jobs. Shovel-ready. Get twenty great designs, sell prints online, and raise awareness of the President's Jobs Plan.
Kyle October 31, 2011
Right on, Paul.
fiedler October 31, 2011
Flaherty October 31, 2011
That hand poster has been ripped off so many times it's not funny.
xian October 31, 2011
To demand others treat you with respect, first you must respect yourself. Unfortunately, as long as there is someone out there willing to underbid on a job, or give their work away, it will remain impossible to demand that our work be valued.
Victor Juhasz October 31, 2011
On point, Paul.
Marc October 31, 2011
Couldn't agree more, Paul. I was surprised to see the Administration was doing this--it seems tone-deaf in the extreme. Glad to see your post.
Tim OBrien November 1, 2011
I have a jobs plan here at O'Brien Illustration. It involves working and billing my clients and paying my bills. I hatched that scheme back in 1987.
Tim OBrien November 1, 2011
Oh, and I pay my taxes...all of them.
Daniel Pelavin November 1, 2011
here here!
Douglas Fraser November 1, 2011
Looking south, is that pot starting to boil? Occupy a living wage?
marcellus hall November 3, 2011
Christoph Hitz November 4, 2011
Thanks for the the inspiration and for volunteering!
Jason Lee November 8, 2011
Jobs plan? Hahaahaaaaaa
Lou Beach November 9, 2011
Money for Work. Pretty simple concept. Maybe a poster slogan. Why don't they just let Shephard Fairey do it.
Kristopher Battles November 19, 2011
Palette-Ready Jobs! 626 564 8728