On the Road, Illustrated Scroll 5
posted: September 25, 2013

Ellen Weinstein September 27, 2013
I look forward to these posts displaying your elegant line and powerful use of black and white. I'll be sad to see them end when the project is finished.
THIBEAULT September 28, 2013
Plans to publish?
Paul Rogers September 28, 2013
Hopefully. I've still got a long way to go, these drawings don't draw themselves.
Robert Neubecker September 28, 2013
I love this. It's one of my favorite books and the drawings come alive.
Mark Fisher September 28, 2013
Great series Paul, just the right amount of detail without over influencing the readers imagination. I live in Lowell where he grew up, he's a local saint.
Douglas Fraser September 29, 2013
Excellent drawin', and love those cars.
Robert Saunders October 2, 2013
Ooh yeah! I love the period these evoke.
Jody Hewgill October 4, 2013
Nice series Paul. The drawings are terrific, I really like the change in tone with the missing finger.
Tim Atkins October 13, 2013
This is a joy! Thank you so much.
jeff berlin January 3, 2014
perfect! 626 564 8728