Ben-Hur and The Hollywood Epics
posted: March 21, 2014

I always watched Ben-Hur whenever it showed up on The Million-Dollar-Movie on Saturday afternoon when I was a kid. It’s a sweeping epic that even Charlton  Heston’s acting couldn’t spoil.
So when Milan Editions Musique asked me to design the cover of their collection of theme music from great Hollywood epics, I was ready to go. I pictured Mr. Heston arriving at a premiere in his white chariot from the movie drawn in a flat Deco-ish style.


Victor Juhasz March 23, 2014
Love the way you have designed the image. Not a wasted shape or space. Solid image.
Kyle March 24, 2014
You're a badass, Paul. This is excellent.
Brad Jansen March 30, 2014
Stylishly solved. Agree, a great movie...
Jeffrey Smith March 31, 2014
PjbFlyn July 15, 2014
Hexquisite rendition.! 626 564 8728