New York Times Personal Health Column
posted: January 27, 2018
I've been doing a weekly column for the Science section of the New York Times for about three years. Every week I get the article by Jane Brody, send a couple of idea sketches to the great Catherine Gilmore-Barnes, she picks one, and I send her the final art. I think we have set a record for the shortest e-mail exchanges between an art director and illustrator. It still seems like magic to see the image I just finished in the paper on Tuesdays.
Jeffrey Smith January 27, 2018
Nice work Paul. Beautiful design.
Mark Fisher February 1, 2018
Simply stupendous!
flaherty February 3, 2018
Very impressive Paul.
Joanna Free March 23, 2018
Love your work!
Douglas Fraser March 29, 2018
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