Now this...
posted: March 24, 2008
Last week we got the "So?" and now we get this

In an exclusive interview with ABC News, Vice President Dick Cheney was asked what effect the grim milestone of at least 4,000 deaths in the five-year Iraq war might have on the nation.

Noting the burden placed on military families, the vice president said the biggest burden is carried by President George W. Bush, who made the decision to commit US troops to war, and reminded the public that U.S. troops in Iraq and Afghanistan volunteered for duty.

Bob Dylan has been ending concerts in the last couple of years with his 1963 song "Masters of War."
Steve Wacksman March 24, 2008
I'll not comment on Cheney's unfeeling and heartless pronouncements of the recent past as words to describe my contempt for this ogre elude me completely. The drawing, however, is spectacular.
Jim Paillot March 25, 2008
Wonderful drawing. I wouldn't change a thing... except to add horns and a pitchfork. Ok, that's heavy handed art direction but it does seem to work for him.
Stephen Kroninger March 25, 2008
You nailed him.
Robert Saunders March 25, 2008
Great image, with the lyrics especially. There's a good short series on PBS, Bush's War, that'll probably come around again. When you fulminate over the depravity of the acts of individuals like Cheney, Bush, Wolfowitz or others who lusted to wage war, it makes you look like you have an anger management problem. So most people keep their's like the banality of evil kicks in or something. But anger is appropriate to the damage these guys have caused to countless lives, while they sit in their comfy bunkers and situation rooms. They have no skin in the game, nothing. What these guys deserve for what they've done is beyond imagining. Bush and Cheney should be on bended knee begging for forgiveness from God. Sweden is now turning away Iraqi refugees. There are too many of them; they are overwhelming the country. Many other countries are teeming with refugees now too. Thanks Paul for the reminder that while those Iraqis suffer, we're all planning how to spend our $300 tax rebate. The whole thing is fucking evil, and it's not banal to me.
Doug Fraser March 25, 2008
4000 dead American military(Unknown Iraqi dead), building a wall on the southern border, Wall Street melting down(deregulated capitalism giving more luv), "international pariah", fear, lies, hmmm.. it's a hard rain falling. Maybe it's that apocalypse thing that all those bible thumpers have been a prayin' for. Thats' some crew in charge. Who exactly was suppose to be the anti-christ thingy bit? "So" he's probably looking for a new hunting partner. 626 564 8728