Forever Young
posted: July 28, 2008
I just received an advance copy of “Forever Young.” Last year, Ginee Seo and Ann Bobco at Simon and Schuster/Atheneum Books called to see if I’d be interested in working on a children’s book based on the lyrics to Bob Dylan’s song. They didn’t have to ask me twice. This is one of Dylan’s most loved songs and my job was to not screw it up, and to do something that Bob would like. I’ll post some more about the book when it’s released in September.

Publisher’s Weekly has called the illustration style “chilly.”  Just what I was aiming for.

It makes a nice gift.
Stephen Kroninger July 28, 2008
Great choice for a kids's book. Can't wait to see the finish. Ann Bobco is wonderful. I worked with her years ago. Ginee may be just as wonderful but we've never met or worked together.
Bob Staake July 28, 2008
terririfc, paul -- looking forward to seeing the entire book -- best of luck with this one!
Doug Fraser July 28, 2008
Your great success with the Jazz A B Z made you the obvious choice. The art looks very strong graphically, and your typography can shame a lot of the pretenders. You really captured a fun, yet polished look. You make it look easy. Congratulations.
Andy Ward July 28, 2008
Congratulations Paul, the book looks fantastic. The typography is not strong, it's SUPER STRONG (thanks to my 4 year old daughter for that phrase).
Marc July 28, 2008
Nice gig, Paul!
john cuneo July 28, 2008
brrrr. Kidding. It looks great Paul. Am looking forward to seeing more. Congratulations.
Mike Moran July 28, 2008
Paul the book looks super! Can't wait until it's on my bookshelves. Gotta get this one.
Matt Curtius July 28, 2008
chilly = cool Very nice. Can't wait to get a copy to inspire the upcoming young one.
Kyle T. Webster July 29, 2008
Looks lovely, Paul - when it is released in September, will I be able to find it at any Borders book store? As usual, I am ashamed to call myself an illustrator when I look at this stuff. Good luck with book sales - Kyle
Hanoch Piven July 29, 2008
Seems like a great book Paul. I'm buying it. and these two lovely ladies are indeed a wonderful team to work with.
J.D. King July 29, 2008
"The typography is not strong, it's SUPER STRONG..." Amen!
Jim Paillot July 29, 2008
Nice job! Love that cover!! Looking forward to seeing more when it hits the bookstores.
josh August 1, 2008
Jerry Graham January 31, 2009
Nice! 626 564 8728