The Studio Museum in Harlem
posted: September 17, 2008
coloring page...
The Studio Museum in Harlem called the other day. They carry the book Jazz ABZ  in their bookstore and wanted  to do a feature in their quarterly magazine.  There's an artist interview in each issue and it includes a coloring page for kids. I sent them this line drawing of Duke Ellington and a few cats from his band that made Harlem their home. I have this directory of musicians from 1955 that lists everyone’s home address and I included them in the drawing.  The whole thing is a shameless imitation of the great David Stone Martin, and I’m sure the image will be improved by kids with crayons.
WAM September 17, 2008
Would love to see you illustrate a (children's ) book in this style.
Kyle T. Webster September 17, 2008
This drawing reminds me of the best (or rather, my favorite) black and white work from the early sixties. Do you use a metal nib, Paul? Kyle
Leo Espinosa September 18, 2008
We did a cool exercise once with my kids: We colored with crayons at the beat of jazz. Kids are gonna do wonders over your already wonderful drawings, Paul!
Doug Fraser September 18, 2008
Paul, you've got that line work nailed. You shameless boy.
Laura Levine September 18, 2008
A coloring book! Now that to me is a very cool honor. And the addresses are a great idea, especially for NYC kids who might recognize some of the streets and realize these cats used to live in their neighborhoods!
Robert Saunders September 18, 2008
Just because you draw a textured line doesn't make you a shameless imitator of David Stone Martin. I get the same effect just trying to draw curves by hand in Photoshop. Beautiful drawing, Paul. 626 564 8728