Name That Movie 2
posted: October 25, 2008
Brucie Rosch October 25, 2008
I'll guess I see Guys and Dolls in there. One of my favorite musical films. Great style in that film. I even liked Brando. Fine lines, Mr Rogers. Love the Chinatown pieces too.
Mark Fisher October 26, 2008
Hell with the movie, the drawings are wonderful.
Doug Fraser October 26, 2008
I see The Godfather, Bonnie & Clyde, China Town, ......fringin' beautiful drawings. Pure in quality. Black & white fringin' drawings. No filters, just ink on paper!
Tim OBrien October 26, 2008
I love the drawings. Brilliant.
Robert Saunders October 27, 2008
Great group of work. The drawing with the name Noah Cross tells me these were for Chinatown. Also the California mission style of architecture.
Dominic Bugatto October 27, 2008
Lovely work.
mirco chen October 27, 2008
These are amazing! wonderfull. My guesses 1. The Godfather 2. Bonnie and clyde 3. Guys and Dolls 4. ?? Don't know but I love the last panel and 5. Chinatown.
Nancy Stahl October 27, 2008
Those Mildred Pierce drawings are fantastic. So are the rest, but I don't think I saw the corresponding movies. I'm allergic to blood on the screen.
Jim Paillot October 28, 2008
These are fantastic! The movies: The Godfather Bonnie and Clyde Pee Wees Big Adventure A Muppet Stick Up Don't eat The MothBalls Ok, I think I knew two of them. Thats a reflection of my lack of movie going, not your expert illustration skills.
Deniseletter October 29, 2008
Hello Paul,I knew about your art in the Drawn's blog.Your art is really fascinating.Did you like Alex Raymond? October 30, 2008
my goodness, I can't get enough of your drawings. Great ideas. Is it Chinatown?
steve November 8, 2009
Forget it Paul, it's Chinatown.
Ryan Brennan November 9, 2009
The Godfather Bonnie & Clyde Guys & Dolls Mildred Pierce Chinatown
Mike Lewis November 10, 2009
Ryan got them all! Man I wish I could draw like thay! Hey what would you sell the panels for?
Steven Cramer November 10, 2009
Singing in the Rain's in there too. I'd recognize the "A" vowel anywhere. Great drawings! 626 564 8728