Fats is Huge!
posted: April 1, 2009
I stopped by the Music Center yesterday to see the banners and posters for Ain’t Misbehavin.’ I like how Esa-Pekka seems to be checking Fats out.
Kyle T. Webster April 1, 2009
Paul, last year I did my first 'real' theater posters. One of them was accepted in the SOI advertising category - I was happy. But, the biggest thrill was seeing the artwork reproduced at roughly five feet by eight feet in the window of the theater. COOL!
laura t. April 1, 2009
looks fabulous! it must be thrilling seeing your work up all over like that :)
Zimm April 1, 2009
Back in the day when I doodled for dollars, I got to do a number of posters for the NYC Transit Authority. My favorite thing was to go down into the subways and see how people defaced them. In fact, after a while I started laying them out FOR people to screw them up... I had documentary photos of some true gems of vandalism, but alas they are long lost. Keep that camera ready Paul and keep us posted.
Doug Fraser April 2, 2009
The size of the prints are great. Walking and just seeing them in the world, it's just the best.
David Flaherty April 2, 2009
Two fat Thumbs up.
Andy Ward April 2, 2009
you got the Jazz paul!
Leo Espinosa April 2, 2009
Pliers: checked. Ladder: cheched. Ninja outfit: checked. This is gonna look great in my living room!!
Larry Ross April 2, 2009
Beautiful, Paul. Bold, colorful and fun!
Marc April 2, 2009
Man, that's a beautifully done piece, Paul. You're at the top of your game—nicely done!
Hal Mayforth April 2, 2009
Great work, Paul. Congratulations. I'm gonna break out my Fats Waller vinyl.
Cathleen Toelke April 2, 2009
That's a beautifully designed image that captures the era, Paul. Great to see the posters in their environments, too.
Zina Saunders April 2, 2009
Congrats, Paul! So cool!
Robert Saunders April 2, 2009
Really great, Paul, nice exposure. Boy they really lash those posters to the columns tight!
Christoph Hitz April 2, 2009
Watch Leo he makes toe bags out of the out of these large canvases... Fantastic job!
Jeffrey Smith April 3, 2009
Paul, Your poster is fantastic!!!! Congratulations! The conductor next to your poster seems to be distracted by all the raucous behavior. I never got to see my Two Trains Running poster up around town because I was living in New York at the time. But I used to enjoy going into Grand Central Station and seeing my Newsweek Covers (3) on the big Newsweek Clock back in the day. Jeff.
A.Richard Allen April 3, 2009
Dig it, Paul
Steve Brodner April 4, 2009
Glorious Paul. As Fats would say: Uh-oh! No time for talkin', This place is walkin', yes, Get your jug and cut the rug, I think the joint is jumpin'. Listen! Get your pig feet, bread and gin, There's plenty in the kitchen! Who is that that just came in? Just look at the way he's switchin'! Aw, mercy, Don't mind the hour, I'm in power. I've got bail if we go to jail. I mean this joint is jumpin'! Don't give your right name, no, no, no, no!
nick arciaga April 4, 2009
that's not fair paul you know it's glandular
stefan tosheff April 19, 2009
i love fats waller 626 564 8728