Billie Holiday on WKCR
posted: April 7, 2009
WKCR is giving us twenty-four hours of Billie Holiday to commemorate her birthday today, April 7th. Phil Schaap will tell some stories, Lester Young will play some beautiful obligatos and you’ll feel better about being alive.
Stephen Kroninger April 7, 2009
Listening to it now. Thanks for the reminder and the drawing, Paul.
Doug Fraser April 7, 2009
The king of cool you are. I've been listen for hours now, and the sun is pouring in my studio window. It's a good day.
James Steinberg April 7, 2009
Great drawing Paul.Those hands...I know that photograph, with those long fingerless gloves. There's a stunning video on YouTube of her singing Fine and Mellow with Lester, Ben Webster, Gerry Mulligan, Roy Eldridge, etc. It's a knock out. Thanks for this tribute.
Victor Juhasz April 7, 2009
Should have come to the site sooner. Will stream KCR on my computer ASAP. WKCR is a treasure.
Michael Sloan April 9, 2009
Hi Paul - Great drawing. Thanks to your post, I remembered to listen to the last hour of this broadcast on my drive back from NYC this past Tuesday night. 626 564 8728