posted: October 15, 2009

Tornado Design is putting together  a show of table lamps featuring printed shades by a group of artists to benefit Inner-City Arts, an organization that offers art programs for at-risk children from Los Angeles schools.  There’s a number of Drawgers  and friends involved,  the show is one-night-only, November 21st.

You can preview the lamps, and even pre-order here.
My lamp refers to the classic jailhouse song by Leadbelly that teaches us that it's good luck to have the cell that catches the light from a passing train.

  Lamps by Chris Buzelli,  Joe Ciardiello,  Clive Piercy,  Martha Rich, me, Carl Wiens,  John Hendrix, and Ann Field.
Harry Campbell October 15, 2009
Man these are the coolest. This is one Drawger who wishes he had known or been invited to contribute. Damn! Wish I could buy them all.
Yuko Shimizu October 15, 2009
These are SOOOO great!! I want one! No, wait... I want ALL!!!
Chris Whetzel October 15, 2009
I bet these look even cooler when turned on. But still, they look pretty darn cool as is!
Carl Wiens October 15, 2009
Beautiful piece, Paul. Thanks for posting this. I'm excited to be a part of this show, so many great designs. I was going to put this up, you beat me to it!
Doug Fraser October 15, 2009
I like how you integrated the song lyrics. You're on it as usual. Nicely done!
John Hendrix October 15, 2009
Hey! Thanks for posting... I was going to put this up and forgot. Glad it is out there now.
Chris Buzelli October 16, 2009
Thanks for posting Paul! I think it's a really great idea for a charity show. I want one of those lamps! 626 564 8728