Za Zmeraj Mlad
posted: October 26, 2009

I’ll be signing copies of ‘Forever Young’ in the Ljubljana Barnes & Noble on Saturday at 10 am.
If you’re in Slovenia this weekend,  stop on by.

Nancy Stahl October 26, 2009
Oh, my...! I've never heard of anyone traveling that far for a book signing. Are you doing others in Europe? How many languages has your book been translated into? I spotted the English version in the window of my B&N and almost took a photo of it for you, but decided you probably had seen it in more glamorous places. Not to mention, exotic..! Congratulations, Paul.
Jim Paillot October 27, 2009
Slovenia is off my bus route. Like Nancy, I saw a neat stack of these books at B&N 2 weeks ago. They really stand out. And the size makes them almost impossible to shoplift. I have to stop and look at your book every time I am in there. It's a beauty. I hope your book signing is a huge success!
Hanoch Piven October 27, 2009
Oh Wow Paul! that is exciting! Are you going to do anything else there? So B&N made it to Slovenia too...
Kyle T Webster October 27, 2009
You're putting us on, right?
felix s October 27, 2009
Also, if you're in the New York area on November 4th 6-8pm, come by the launch/signing party of "Design for Obama" at Taschen's Soho Store and get a copy signed by Paul Rogers (?), Steven Heller and Spike Lee. Paul, looks like we made it, buddy! Now... don't get all weepy (Manilow-ee) on me. See you there?
Paul October 27, 2009
OK, now I feel like a jerk. There's no Barnes and Noble in Slovenia, I got this copy of the book translated to Slovenian in the mail yesterday and it was amusing to see the 'N's turned sideways to make 'Z's, and the ham-fisted script stuck in there for 'Illustral.' Then, I thought that maybe all that Eastern-European e-mail I've been throwing out could be fan mail. Anyway, thanks for the kind words about the book. It's still in stores and makes a nice gift. And Felix, I can't make the Taschen signing, I'll be in Sao Paulo signing the Portuguese version of 'Forever Young'
Hanoch Piven October 27, 2009
ok ok you got me there....
Nancy Stahl October 27, 2009
I am so gullible. Can you be jaded and gullible at the same time?
rama November 2, 2009
this book (the english version) was the first book that i bought for my son.
Diamond November 10, 2009
Hi Paul. Your work is very refreshing. Love the black and whites.
Renato B. December 25, 2009
The Slovenian edition - I've just found mine under the Christmass Tree! :) An awesome book, really. 626 564 8728